Success Story

Shantae Holmes

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself and the many reasons why I am very grateful for all of the support that Micro Grants have given to me through-out my three years of operation. MicroGrants helped my business a few times when I needed that extra nudge in order to get to next level for the business. My first grant opportunity was introduced to me from a partnering agency (MCCD). I am a person who thrives most when engaged with people, so having knowledge of what’s going on in my establishment at any time brings a since of calmness.

My first grant helped to complete that goal. I now have an 11 camera system that allows me to view the laundromat through my phone and home computer at my convenience. This is another security measure that helps my customers and staff feel safe while they’re washing. Grant #2 came at another great opportunity of growth for my business. Joe came to my laundromat to visit with me and check in. At that time my customers weren’t being treated as I thought they should by the taxi services that were bringing them to the laundromat. It was at that time that I introduced my transportation services to Joe. Within a week, I was I received a grant in order to complete all the necessary details required to drive my customers to and from the laundromat. It is very good for customer retention! Grant #3 came at a very important time in my business’s growth process.

I hold a very large Government contract, and at the time they requested that I purchase a commercial vehicle that would accommodate the large loads in which I was responsible for transporting to and from the Twin Cities to Little Falls, every two weeks. I am now the proud owner of a 17ft. Commercial truck that has paid for itself plenty of times. I’m so grateful for this imperative purchase. Thank you, Joe, and all the funders/donations that have been given to Micro Grant. Not only has my life changed, my business is continuing to grow and my customers can appreciate all the services that All Washed Up Laundromat has to offer.