Success Story

Mollie Mosman

Mollie Mosman is using her skills and a $1000 grant to help groups that help others. After the birth of her son and a divorce, Mollie started a bookkeeping business that serves mainly non-profits along with a few sole proprietors. Bookkeeping has provided a flexible, work-from-home career that has enabled her to care for and spend more time with her son.

Mollie is also in a two-year program for women in business called WomenVenture where the participants have a savings goal and WomenVenture will match the savings 2:1. WomenVenture has paid for a new computer for Mollie through her savings and MicroGrants has helped her update her bookkeeping software.

Her bookkeeping business has helped her maintain being self-sufficient while raising a child on her own. MicroGrants was very happy to help her update her software that could have put her in debt and without it, hindered her business.