What We Do

Watch this 7 1/2 minute video to understand and be inspired by MicroGrants.

MicroGrants gives $1000 grants for low-income people of potential to invest in their lives. The grants are designed to help people increase their income either through small business development or getting and retaining stable employment. We believe in eliminating poverty through work! Investments are usually made in three areas: education, small business development, and transportation.


  • Education grants are used for short term training programs such as a Certified Nursing Assistant training course, or to pay for expenses not covered by traditional financial aid.
  • In 2012, 26% of our grants funded education
  • After the grant, 96% of interviewed education related recipients have either completed or are on track to complete their indicated academic program.
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  • Transportation grants are used to repair a vehicle, purchase a new car, or get a drivers license.
  • In 2012, 27% of grants went to transportation
  • After their grant, 93% of interviewed transportation-related recipients currently had reliable transportation.
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Small Business Development:

  • Small business development grants are used by small business owners to buy supplies, make infrastructure improvements or invest in advertising. They can also be used to help with the costs of starting a small business, but since most businesses have much greater start-up costs than $1000, MicroGrants only funds very low-cost start ups such as a cleaning business.
  • In 2012, 38% of our grants went to small business development
  • After the grant, 79% of interviewed business owners are making a profit or are on track to do
    so in the next year.
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