Success Story

Willie Johnson

“In the beginning, the grant gave me hope and allowed me to see that achieving my goal of working in construction was closer than it has ever been. Soon after I received the gift from MicroGrants, I became gainfully employed working for Hennepin County doing seasonal road and bridge construction. I am also back at Summit Academy OIC in the Heavy Equipment Operator training program! This will allow me to be even more marketable and obtain year round employment with Hennepin County!

MicroGrants is helping the community more than anyone will ever know. Without this assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to get my driver’s license, complete my training or start my career. It got me mobile again, changing my life in many ways. It has also impacted my family life in a positive way, and even helped me become a role model and contributing citizen in my community.Thank you so much.”

Willie Johnson, SAOIC Graduate