Success Story

Sam Riley

When Sam applied for a microgrant, Christmas was approaching and his car, needed for his job, required massive repairs. He also wanted to attend a bartending school to supplement his income. After receiving the microgrant, his children had a wonderful Christmas, his car ran and bartending school was partially paid for.

He once wrestled Jesse Ventura and was a bodyguard for Prince, but for the past 15 years, Sam has worked for Project for Pride in Living, a non-profit organization, as an environmental specialist. He spends his time negotiating with tenants, resolving conflicts, teaching conflict resolution and interacting with the property managers of PPL’s housing properties.

He worked nights with the Minneapolis Police Department helping clean up neighborhoods, wrestling drug dealers to the ground and busting down the doors of drug houses. Sam no longer wanted to do that line of work due to his own safety and health concerns while raising a teenage daughter. A bartending job would enable him to still work nights and weekends while keeping his day job.

Sam received his $1000 grant in 2007, still works for PPL and is currently attending bartending school.