Success Story

Ngawang Dakpa

At the time when I applied for the MicroGrant, I desperately needed some more funds to help me put the website together for my business. I kept putting the project off each time as I did not have all the funds to buy inventory and still build the website. What was more stressful for me is that people continued to ask whether I had a website so that could see my products. With some of my funds, and especially the $1,000 MicroGrant, I was able to hire someone to help build the website with a format that is user friendly. Since the website was built I have been able to attract customers in and out of state. The website also saved time as people could see exactly what they needed. My sales increased considerably and so I am very thankful for the grant that I received.

Now, I do not need to worry about that project and can therefore focus on other things to help the business to grow even further. The funds also came at a time when my parents got very sick overseas and I was glad that I did not have to make a choice between going to spend last moments with my parents and building a website which was also very important for the business. I wish to say a grateful Thanks to MICROGRANTS and all who made the MicroGrant possible.

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