Success Story

Marcallina S. James

I am happy to say that it was a MicroGrant that inspired me to resume my studies at Augsburg College and to achieve a dream. I believed it couldn’t happen: a BA in English. I entered the WAND program as a single mother with three boys in 2011. My mentor, Pat Roberts, learned that I had left Augsburg a decade earlier with only five courses to go. She encouraged me to return and complete the degree.

I had not gone back due to a financial hold on my student account. I was never able to save up enough to pay it. Pat helped me to apply for the MicroGrant and I was awarded $1000 to use toward tuition. One class was $1830 and because the Micro Grant provided the bulk of the fees, I was motivated to save and cover the rest. My next goal is to pursue a teaching license. Until then I hope to work as a teaching assistant to gain classroom experience.