Success Story

Kari LeVan

Kari has been singing in the Twin Cities for 12 years. She is now designing logos, template-based websites, posters, banners and more. Both goals have equal weight for Kari as they both create income and are careers she enjoys and flourishes in.

Kari used the grant money for replacing her laptop, car repair, work clothing and a much-needed stage monitor. She is now able to travel, look professional and work on her laptop as needed for design and music. My coach at Jeremiah Program helped me focus on the steps that needed to be taken to succeed.

Kari has been volunteering at Jeremiah Program as an intern.

“I’m training myself and applying for work which will utilize my graphic design abilities. MicroGrants is fully deserving of community support and recognition in helping focused, career-driven people (in need of a little extra help) to reach their full potential”.

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