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MicroGrants, One of My Favorite Things

MicroGrants — Macro-FUN – Celebrating 8 Years of Success

May 8, 2014 was a Midwestern storm night. Dark, rain-heavy skies. High humidity and limited low visibility.

But inside a gorgeous downtown Minneapolis condo, owned by Al and Kathy Lenzmeier, the smiles of many friends of MicroGrants– donors, partner agency representatives and grantees — overcame the gloomy outdoors to come together, celebrating 8 years of success. After a brief program commentary from the presidents of Twin Cities Rise!, MEDA and Summit Academy OIC, people shared stories and exchanged ideas about what MicroGrants means to them.

The surprise of the evening was an exceptionally clever parody of Julie Andrews’ “My Favorite Things.”, written, and, then sung by the very talented Tricia Haynes, MicroGrants Project Manager.


MicroGrants, One of My Favorite Things

(Parody lyrics by Tricia Haynes)

(sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music)

Agencies, bureaucrats and applications,
Job offers wait but no transportations,
Cash is illusive, like birds on a wing,
A few of the hardships that poverty brings.

Pay cuts and layoffs and babies need sitting,
But entrepreneurial spirits not quitting
We lift good people, give futures that sing,
MicroGrants, one of my favorite things.

(when the dog bites …)

When there’s job-cuts, when there’s dead ends,
Spinning hamster wheels,
We boost their business, train some for a job,
How fine independence feels!

Working three jobs but bills keep on mounting,
Need food and staples but no cash for counting,
Discords with landlords just everyday things,
Trapped in the cycle that poverty brings.

Working with partners right there on the front-lines,
Schooling and training, community lifelines,
Gifts from our donors, they well up like springs,
Breaking the cycle that poverty brings.

(when the dog bites …)

When the grant comes and the work’s met,
The economy’s glad,
Businesses lifted, careers given wings
And everyone feels so GLAD!

Guests sang along with lots of energy and many commented it was inspiring and the most fun they’d had at an event like this.

As they say in show business, stay tuned— there will be more.

*Partner Agencies take no money for their service
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