MicroGrants FAQs

Get your MicroGrants FAQs answered here!

Can I receive a grant?

MicroGrants does not award grants directly to individuals. MicroGrants only accepts applications from approved partner agencies.

How much is a grant from MicroGrants?

Grants are almost always $1000.

How are grants awarded?

MicroGrants candidates are only nominated by our partner agencies. Each agency has different criteria for selecting who they nominate, but all must fall within the MicroGrants guidelines. MicroGrants either accepts or declines nominated grantees.

Who are the partner agencies?

A complete list of partner agencies can be found here.

Who receives the $1000 grants?

Individuals nominated by our partner agencies and approved by MicroGrants. To qualify for a grant, an individual must be a client of a partner agency and the grant request must fit into MicroGrants guidelines.

Do these $1000 grants from MicroGrants need to be paid back?

No. As the name implies, they are grants, not loans. MicroGrants wants to help recipients to build equity, not acquire debt.

How much of every donation to MicroGrants is paid out?

Low overhead is one of the important precepts of our organization. Our partner agencies select, coach, and follow up with our recipients, so we are able to minimize expenses and maximize the impact of your donation. Last year, 85% of all dollars spent were used for program services.

Will my donation remain anonymous?

Donations enter into a pool of MicroGrants funds and grants are distributed from this pool, so a donor’s name is not attached to a grant given. But, all donors are listed in our Annual Report as a donor unless the person anonymity is requested.

Can I make a donation for more or less than $1,000?

Yes, absolutely! The total amount donated will be granted to as many recipients as it can financially assist. Every dollar helps!

How does my organization become a Partner Agency?

MicroGrants is always interested in creating new partnerships; however, due to high demand, we are not currently accepting applications for new partner agencies.
To be a partner agency you must:
– be a 501(c)(3)
– operate in the greater Twin Cities area
– be helping low-income people get to self-sufficiency
– have the capacity to nominate individuals (fill out an online form), coach them on how to spend the money, and follow up with grantees three to six months later with a questionnaire.
Contact amy@microgrants.net with additional questions.