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Our grassroots, crowd-funded program so police can give our free vouchers for minor car repairs, instead of just tickets, when doing traffic stops.
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$1,000 grants have proven they can change the lives of low-income people of potential in the Twin Cities


Mission: To spur economic self-sufficiency by giving strategic grants to low-income people of potential through Partner Agencies.


How MicroGrants Work

  1. Generous supporters provide donations. (Donate Now!)
  2. Our Partner Agencies recommend their best-qualified clients as possible grant recipients and all potential grant recipients are referred to us via those partner agencies.
  3. We review grant applications and fund qualifying requests.
  4. Our partner agencies mentor the recipients and oversee use of the grants.
  5. The partner agencies follow up with the recipients and report the results to MicroGrants.

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Here are the facts:


In 2017, 97% of education grantees achieved their goal(s).


In 2018, 84% of transportation grantees achieved their goal(s).


In 2018, 89% of business grantees achieved their goal(s).

MicroGrants are awarded through partner agencies

MicroGrants’ Partner Agencies are the key to our success. They find us the best possible grant recipients, ensure the grantees have the support they need to be successful in the use of their grant, and ensure that we have follow-up data about the grantees.

These agencies have policies, practices, and mentorship programs that are in harmony with the values, goals, and management capabilities of MicroGrants.

Here's what others have to say about us

"I support MicroGrants and believe in its cause because it flips problem solving on its head. Rather than assume great ideas will come just from a State Capitol or a State Agency, MicroGrants believes that empowering people in their own circumstances is the best way to create durable and lasting change. More now than ever, solutions are going to come from people in relationship with one another. That's exactly what MicroGrants helps build."

Abou Amara
Board Member

"I love MicroGrants! You have helped so many of our women with getting their cars repaired, helping to finance their employment-related training, and helping them so they can get into jobs quicker. We just love MicroGrants. Thank you so much!"

Megan Meuli
Partner Agency Contact

"As someone who was raised by a single mom, I know first-hand that stability and predictability are privileges many families don’t have. What speaks to me about the work of MicroGrants is its focus on meeting immediate needs that help individuals overcome concrete barriers to improved financial stability – from solving a transportation challenge to helping to pay for job training or retraining. It doesn’t get more real than this."

Kelly Doran